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Since December 31, 2019, when the first official case of the novel Human Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, the world has come to a standstill trying to find solutions to what seems to be an almost impossible task. The human Coronavirus (COVID-19) belongs to a large class of viruses, including the SARS-COV and MERS-COV, all transmitted from animals. The viruses affect the respiratory tract causing irritations and possible deaths in extreme cases. 

At the time of writing this article, over 114, 422 cases, with about 4, 037 deaths, have been recorded. The viral burden is increasing gradually, with a wide coverage of cases confirmed in 116 countries. That's more than 50 percent of the countries in the world. China, Italy, South Korea, and Iran are leading the infection statistics with the highest number of cases and deaths recorded.

COVID-19 seems to have defied all human efforts as major efforts to contain it seems abortive. It is spreading like wildfire trying to conquer every nook and cranny of the world. It has been barely three months of constant struggle against the virus, and the supply chain is dropping, businesses are feeling the heat, and the stock market is experiencing a hard time trying to balance. It's just a matter of time before COVID-19 crashes our world.

The level of challenges experienced with the COVID-19 virus has raised concerns for the formulation of treatment options capable of dealing with current cases and reducing the spread of the disease to unaffected parts of the world. For now, scientists are conducting clinical trials to validate claims on how Remdesivir can serve as a potential treatment for the virus. There are also reports on how high dosages of  Vitamin C assisted patients in recovering from the disease, thus making it the first line of medication for people who are suffering from COVID-19. Although these claims are yet to be validated by official sources, it is clear that Vitamin C possesses an excellent antioxidant and immune-boosting activity that serves to promote a healthy system.

Since the antioxidant and immune-boosting activities of Vitamin C have been shown to play significant roles in the treatment and management of COVID-19, researchers are positive that Carbon-60 (C60) may play a better role at easing the COVID-19 burden. People who have used C60 products have reported a stronger immune system with less exposure to respiratory infections like flu, and there is presently a high demand for C60 in major parts of the world affected with the COVID-19. In order to verify the possibility of these claims, it is important that we understand the role of C60 and how it may affect the immune system.


C60 is a powerful antioxidant known to have increased the lifespan of mammals. This is because it can neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, delay signs of aging and age-related conditions, and promote the overall wellbeing of the body. Information from research has shown that C60 plays an important role in decreasing muscle fatigue while boosting the activity of the immune system. Some of the common therapeutic potentials of C60 that may be useful to people suffering from COVID-19 have been summarized below.

  • Improved antioxidant activity:

C60 is an excellent antioxidant, 172 times higher strength than vitamin C. This means it has the capacity to produce a more visible effect than vitamin C. One of the reasons why Vitamin C was recommended as a treatment plan for COVID-19 is due to its antioxidant activities, and this can be improved by using C60 compounds.

  • C60 can play the role of glutathione when devastated by the virus

    Glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant found in bacteria, archaea, fungi, animals, and plans. It plays an active role in preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as lipid peroxides, free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals. Viral infections such as COVID-19 and HIV tend to reduce the activity of glutathione in patients, thus predisposing them to further damage by oxidative stress. The application of C60 and other powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C can serve to play the role of glutathione in the body, thus increasing the level of support towards keeping the body physiologically balanced. Please note that antioxidants help the body to heal itself.

    • C60 possess some antiviral characteristics

    The potential antiviral activities of C60 have been reported against HIV, and possible interest is rising concerning how C60 may also play the same role in controlling COVID-19 even though HIV and COVID-19 belong to different families. C60 is able to limit the spread of HIV by fitting inside the hydrophobic cavity of HIV protease, thus inhibiting the access of substrates to the catalytic site of enzymes.

    In Summary, as the burden of COVID-19 increases and spread to unaffected areas, there is a need to develop an antiviral therapy that will assist both infected and non-infected patients to stay healthy. These moves led to the endorsement of Vitamin C as one of the first lines of treatment for infected cases. It is believed that C60 can also play an active in promoting cellular balance, modulating immune responses in patients, and prevents exposure to the virus. 

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