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Frequently asked questions

Our products are made with 99.99% pure C60 and Non-GMO, Certified Organic, cold-pressed oils. We offer C60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Organic MCT Coconut oil and Organic Avocado oil. We dissolve the C60 by stirring for 2 weeks in complete darkness, and then vacuum filter through a 0.22um sterilizing filter to remove any undissolved C60 particles. The entire process is done in complete darkness to protect the oil from any degradation. We do not keep stock for more than 3 weeks. All shipped bottles are freshly produced.
Proper dosage of Carbon 60 has not been scientifically evaluated, however, we have received a lot of feedback from customers: The most common dosage taken by people wishing to experiment with the long term benefits of Carbon 60 is one teaspoon per day (apx 5 ml). After gauging their results from that baseline, many customers have reported a preference for taking two teaspoons per day (apx. 10 ml), while some have dialed back their dosage to 1-3 ml per day.
We suggest you begin with ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon per day and build up per day paying attention to how your body reacts to the detoxing effects c60 has on your body. Our C60 is best taken with food in the morning or before 2pm. Some users find taking c60 with an apple supports increased active hydrogen production.
Some of our customers who are performance athletes prefer taking an entire 100 ml bottle all at once. This method has been reported to provide a noticeable boost in performance by some people.
For topical application, people are rubbing a few drops per day into the area that they are focusing on. Current science is unresolved regarding the interaction of Carbon 60 with sunlight once absorbed into the skin, therefore we suggest topical application be done in the evening unless the area is to be covered by clothing.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil is preferred by those who want to reduce their cholesterol levels.
Organic Avocado oil is preferred by those with more sensitive digestive systems or who prefer a somewhat more easily digested fat.
Organic MCT Coconut oil is preferred by those with glucose imbalance issues and athletes for extra energy.
Organic Hempseed oil is preferred by those fighting overall inflammation and heart health.
To protect the product from degradation, we recommend storing the oil in a place where it is protected from both heat and light, such as a cupboard away from the stove or any other heat generating appliances. Do not refrigerate or freeze. While refrigeration or freezing is harmless, chilling the oil to this degree will cause it to congeal in an unappealing way. If this happens, simply bring the oil back to room temperature and it will return to its normal consistency.

When stored properly, an unopened bottle of Carbon 60 olive oil has a shelf life of up to two years. Long term exposure to higher than comfortable ambient temperatures or exposure to light may shorten this period by several months. Once opened, we recommend using within 30-60 days for maximum quality.

Many users have reported a positive pet response. Please start with a very low dose, mixed in with your pet’s food (1/8 teaspoon or less) and observe your pet’s response. We recommend coconut oil for dogs and avocado oil for cats. Olive oil can be used for any kind of pet. Avocado oil should not be used for birds.

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