Oh the PAIN! I’m 75 and have been in PAIN for as long as I can remember. Doctors have told me that inflammation in my body is just out of control. My daughter mentioned she saw something about C60 helping inflammation in Facebook, so she decided to get me a bottle just to try. I have been taking it now for 3 months and WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT. The overall pain in my body has greatly decreased, I have more energy (starting walking 2 times a week) and feel like I remember more. I will continue to take C60 for the rest of my life! C60 changed EVERYTHING for me!
Katherine, OK

Plain and simple, my vision has greatly improved. I only used glasses to read and recently have noticed that I don’t need my glasses as much! Let’s see how much more it improves!
Peter, TN

I have been using C60 for about 2 months now and I can say that I can see how this has impacted my performance at the gym. I have been working out for years, but have not seen big improvements because of an old shoulder injury. Since taking C60, I have felt less pain post workout and have seen that I am able to lift more weight on bench-presses. I will continue to take C60 daily because the improvement is extremely noticeable.
Tom, CA

FEELING YOUNGER! This is what C60 has done for me! Oh, the pain all over my body and the brain fog I have felt for years have decreased greatly! I was taking Aleve daily and have not taken 1 pill for two months now. I feel like I have more energy to do things around the house and have taken on projects I had left behind years ago! I will be taking this for the rest of my life!
Linda, OR

I always get burnt when I am outside (I have really fair and sensitive skin). We have been spending lots of time outside this summer and I have forgotten to put on my sunscreen.  I have noticed that I have not burned once. I normally look lobster red after just a couple of hours outside. I had read that C60 helps protect from UV damage, but I did not believe it to be true. I have definitely proven that this does work.
Lana, PA

One of the first things I noticed when I started taking C60 was that I could easily get out of bed in the morning with no pain in my hips and back.
Sandy, ND

This is a bit embarrassing, but I must share this. I am 63 and C60 IS better than the “blue pill” (you know which one). No joke, I feel like in my 20’s and having morning woodys. My wife is really happy!
Bob, ME

For most of my life I’ve been suffering with heart burn. I did not think C60 could do much for this, but started taking it 15 months ago to ease my joint pain. Yesterday I was going through my journals and noticed that I have not had a heart burn episode in the last 8 months. I should have had at least 2 or 3 major attacks by now.
Richard, MA

My son told me this morning: “You are looking younger mom”. C60 is working for me!
Stephanie, MD

Pet Testimonials

My dog had been suffering from severe skin conditions for many years. He had bloody sores, had lost his hair and would NEVER STOP scratching. We visited many Vets and spent A LOT of money with no real lasting improvements. I started giving him ¼ tsp of c60 daily about 4 months ago and OMG, I have a new dog! He has stopped scratching; his hair has grown back and the scabs he had are GONE. C60 has changed my dog! 
Caroll, MO

My baby (dog) is getting VERY old (15 years) and has lost a lot of his energy and has had arthritis for years. At this point, we just wanted to give him quality of life for however many years he has left with us. Let’s say that he has basically spending his days laying down and would not even get up to greet us when we got home because he lacked the energy and was in so much pain. I had read about how great C60 works for dogs, so I gave him 1 tsp daily in his kibble. On the second day of giving him C60, he got up when I arrived from work and were able to even go for a walk. It’s now been a month and last night he went up 3 flights of stairs. WHAT A CHANGE!!!! We are so GRATEFUL!
Cassandra, VA

C60 worked a miracle on our dog! We have a farm and have had a Great Pyrenees guarding us for 10 years. She has been so loyal and caring, but lately declined quickly and I felt like we were coming to the point of her crossing the rainbow. She had stopped eating, would not bark at anything and would just lay in the entrance of our home. I even tried bribing her with some treats, but she would not stand up. I had a Vet come out to see her and he believed it was her time to be put under. I looked online for suggestions (I am not ready to say goodbye) and found something about C60. Long story short, Lady has been taking c60 for 1 month now and can get up by herself and actually barked at some visitors we recently had at the farm. C60 gave me more valuable time with my best friend!
Lindsey, MO

My dog is chasing squirrels again and behaving like a puppy. He is 9years old and C60 has rejuvenated him!
Charles, MS